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Sarsina |


Castello di Casalecchio

The only Castle in the Valle del Savio

Casalecchio Castle, Casalecli castrum, located in the municipality of Sarsina, is the only castle in the Valle del Savio. A large courtyard, a well and a chapel dedicated to St. Nicholas belong to the fortress, also called the palace of the hundred windows.
This building was born in the Middle Ages as a military garrison, but over time it has undergone numerous transformations. In 1420 it was definitively handed over to the Counts Bernardini of Rimini who turned it into an elegant noble residence. When the last descendant of the noble family died in 800, the castle was again converted and took the form of a farmhouse.
The structure retains a great charm, the entrance hall strikes for the barrel vault on which some frescoes are still visible. The inner courtyard gives way to enter the church, where the remains of Count Achille Bernardini rest. The large hall dating back to the '500 contains a precious stone fireplace carved with the emblem, depicting eagles and three stars, the Bernardini family. The large kitchen includes an oven and fireplace and are also very large cellars and spaces used for housing animals where some mangers who have well endured the passage of time.