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In November at Terra del Sole


This is the oldest folk festival of Terra del Sole: a rustic rite of propitiatory thanksgiving for the agrarian year.

Tradition has it that on this particular day of celebration the fruits of the earth are offered in the Church, while in the center of the square a large bonfire is lit and popular games are played, such as the race in the sacks, the pentolace, the game of the rabbit and the maypole tree.

In addition, the stalls of the street market, a tasty restaurant with local excellences, a review of art for children and musical entertainment, contribute to enliven the party.

The highlight is the lighting in piazza del fuoco, the "fugarena", with the pruned branches of the trees, with which according to remote traditions we wanted to thank the rural deities at the end of all the crops, after the harvest and the harvest of the olives.