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Marron Good


The Marron voucher of Marradi is a specific ecotype of Brown IGP Mugello area.

The IGP certify a medium-large, ellipsoidal shape and a little pronounced apex. This fruit comes from chestnut trees that are located in a range between 300 and 900 meters above sea level, whose production Regulations prohibits any administration of fertilizers and pesticides.

The “Marron good” is present along much of the Apennines and a chestnut tree much appreciated all over the world. This Brown is so sweet thanks to the characteristics of the soil, very calcareous, and climatic conditions typical of the Mugello Valley, which has strict temperature differences between day and night. All these factors mean that the sweetness of the product is extremely high.

This fruit is perfect to get both great roasted chestnuts, which Brown famous boiled chestnuts, boiled in water flavored with bay leaves or fennel seeds. Not to be outdone the Castagnaccio or other sweets that they see the Marron voucher of Marradi protagonist.

In the autumn period there are countless opportunities to enjoy this precious fruit and gastronomic products that arise from processing.


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