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Bagno di Romagna |

Historic buildings

Palazzo Pesarini in San Piero in Bagno

The stately home of the Valle del Savio

The building, which was commissioned by Giovan Battista Pasquale Spighi in the late 1700s, is the most significant example of a stately home in the Valle del Savio.
The building consists of three levels and the two accesses to the Palace open onto Via Verdi. The main entrance leads to a wide corridor at the end of which there is a beautiful staircase. The second entrance connects to a "secret staircase" supported by a valuable system of masonry vaults, steps in sandstone, handrail in carved wood.
The living room is the highlight of the entire building, to which a gallery belongs, where all the rooms on the second floor converge, the walls are marked by coupled pilasters and two large paintings representing scenes of bucolic life. Also worthy of mention are the pictorial decorations of the windows and the shutters which are kept in good condition.