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Parco delle Marmitte dei Giganti

Where the Giants they heated their Viands

Parco naturale delle Marmitte dei Giganti, located west of Sarsina, is the result of the intense and centuries-old nature action. It was the debris, dragged by the swirling waters of the Crocetta river and the Molinello ditch, to model compact sandstone rocks, creating a phenomenon of rare erosion both in Romagna and in the rest of Italy.
This erosion has produced several cylindrical cavities with smooth walls and deep meters that can be reached by crossing a lush tree-lined path. The popular imagination has also helped to shape the legend that sees these huge caves as potholes where the giants warm the food.
Parco naturale delle Marmitte dei Giganti has an extension of 30 hectares and includes most of the basin of the Rio Crocetta and the Rio Montalto. The area has been assigned the status of municipal park as it intends to protect and enhance this environment with an educational approach. The park is part of a circuit that aims to enhance the environmental resources that surround Sarsina.