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Bagno di Romagna |

Passes and old streets

Passo Serra

The ancient via peregrinorum for Rome

In Bagno di Romagna there has always been a "via peregrinorum" passed by the devotees to reach Rome, today transformed into a pleasant paved mule track that leads to Passo Serra, a border crossing between Tuscany and Romagna.
It starts from the Gualchiere and then reaches the confluence of the Fosso del Chiuso. From here continue towards the ridge that leads to the plateau of Nasseto and you get to a beautiful avenue of maples and oaks that indicates the ancient route. We must continue on the half-coast and then plunge into the dense beech wood covering the slopes of Monte Zuccherodante. Finally, after having covered this road, we arrive at the Passo Serra located at 1150 m s.l.m. There in 1998 a log was placed, which serves to signal this ancient itinerary.