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Living and testing

Tanabata: the wish party

In June at Fortezza di Castrocaro Terme


Thanks to the friendship between ProLoco and the Japanese Cultural Association LAILAC, a group of women from the Rising Sun offers visitors some aspects of their traditions: the tea ceremony, which goes beyond the simple consumption of the drink, because it follows rules extremely precise, from the preparation to the gestures to be done before drinking; martial arts demonstrations; the oracle of fortune, leaflets that predict fortune, preserved if good and tied to the branches of a pine if bad; the tanzaku desires, prayers hanging from the branches of the bamboo trees; traditional yukata robes that, unlike kimonos, are informal cotton dresses; the Bon Odori dance, interpreted around a raised construction, moving the hands and arms in symbolic gestures to the rhythm of the drum; mini bazaar with origami, the chirimen fabric and the kanji, the famous Japanese ideograms.