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Cycle route of Romagna Tuscany

The Cycle route of Romagna Tuscany crosses the Tuscan-Romagna Apennines with a route in stages, where the thermal towns are the strategic point of the route, thanks to the consolidated tourist services present in them.

One of the objectives of the cycle path is to create new opportunities for local economic operators, accommodation, the agri-food sector, the tourist offer of municipalities with a spa vocation; accompanying the visitor to discover the territory of the historic Romagna Toscana, with its hills, the ups and downs loved by bikers but also by walkers who want to immerse themselves in an authentic landscape.

The first section connects Castrocaro Terme and Terra del Sole to Bagno di Romagna through various municipalities. Galeata, Dovadola, Predappio, Santa Sofia, the Ridracoli dam and Pietrapazza are some of the places touched by the path that is almost entirely unpaved and surrounded by nature.

The second stretch connects Bagno di Romagna to Verghereto, where you reach the sources of the Tiber River. Then from the village of Castrocaro Terme proceeds towards Riolo Terme and arrives in Modigliana to reach the Tuscan towns of Palazzuolo Sul Senio, Marradi and Firenzuola.

Castrocaro Terme – Predappio

  • Castrocaro Terme – Dovadola (easy)
  • Castrocaro Terme – Dovadola (difficult)
  • Dovadola – Predappio
  • Tour Rio dei Cozzi
  • Predappio – Rocca delle Caminate

Predappio – Ridracoli

  • Predappio – Galeata
  • Galeata – Ridracoli
  • Predappio – Rocca delle Caminate
  • Galeata – Abbey of Saint Ellero – Santa Sofia
  • Ridracoli – IdroEcoMuseo delle Acque
  • Ridracoli – Ridracoli Dam

Ridracoli – Bagno di Romagna

  • Ridracoli – Junction Variants
  • Bivio Varianti – Bagno di Romagna (easy)
  • Variante Junction – Bagno di Romagna (difficult)
  • Ridracoli – IDRO Ecomuseo delle Acque
  • Ridracoli – Ridracoli Dam

Bagno di Romagna – Verghereto

Castrocaro Terme – Modigliana (Riolo Terme)

  • Riolo Terme – Brisighella
  • Brisighella – Modigliana
  • Modigliana – Castrocaro Terme

Bagno di Romagna – Sarsina

Tredozio – Portico e San Benedetto

Rocca San Casciano – Portico e San Benedetto – Premilcuore

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