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«Sangiovese in Festa» in Modigliana

Sangiovese in Festa, the festival of Sangiovese in Modigliana

The program of events that sees the prestigious Romagna red wine undisputed protagonist is very rich.

Saturday evening dinner in the historic center through the streets of old Modigliana, Sunday morning begins with tripe for breakfast (8.00), stalls of local products and wine tastings.

Lunch at the Market Hall. Shows and musical entertainment enrich the party and the places where it takes place.

The great Sangiovese festival in Modigliana today has the strength of the 12 wineries that belong to the “Stella dell’Appennino” group, a partnership born in 2017 that aims to enhance the “mountain” production of the highest Apennines.

With the Pro Loco, which organizes the party, there are in fact all the wineries of the municipality united in’ organization Modigliana, Star of the Apennines: Agrintesa Soc. Coop. Agr., Castelluccio, La Casetta dei Frati, Fondo San Giuseppe, Il Pratello, Il Teatro, Lu.Va., Mutiliana, Torre San Martino, Villa Papiano, Menta and Rosmarino.

Festival dei Sentieri Agrourbani

Festival dei Sentieri Agrourbani

Modigliana - dal 2 al 3 luglio


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