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The itineraries of the daisy

A Trail network of about 50 km

The itineraries of the daisy

The “Percorsi della Margherita” (The Itineraries of the Daisy) is a network of paths, of about 50 km, around the town of Rocca San Casciano. The trails go up towards the ridges of the near valleys and offer a breathtaking view of the Montone Valley.

The idea of the Itineraries of the Daisy was born from the intent to make known and appreciate the many natural beauties of our hills and make them practible for evrybody in total respect of our natural heritage.

The project covered the cleaning, the safety and the clear marking with signs and signposts of the C.A.I. of almost 70 km of paths, mule tracks and white roads that surround the town of Rocca San Casciano.

A maze of walkable ways that, if you look it on a map, reminds you the petals of a daisy. A large corner of the Romagna-Toscana is again available to hikers, cyclists, runners and modern pilgrims.

Here’s the paths:

  • Path 431: Rocca San Casciano – Ribidignano – Montebello – Casone – Monte del Sasso – Marzolo – San Donnino – Colle Cento Forche – Monte – Laguna – Rocca San Casciano (Length: 45,700 km – Positive elevation: 1.700 m – Negative elevation: 1.700 m)
  • Path 431 A: Rocca San Casciano – Monte del Sasso (Length: 1,900 km – Positive elevation: 270 m – Negative elevation: 50 m)
  • Path 431 B: Rocca San Casciano – Capanne – Motte – Cutizzano – San Donnino (Length: 3,700 km – Positive elevation: 340 m – Negative elevation: 70 m)
  • Path 431 C: Capanne – Laguna – Sassello – Monte (Length: 4,700 km – Positive elevation: 440 m – Negative elevation: 150 m)
  • Path 431 D: Laguna – Cutizzano (Length: 4,200 km – Positive elevation: 340 m – Negative elevation: 290 m)
  • Path 431 E: Ribidignano – Casone (Length: 5,600 km – Positive elevation: 330 m – Negative elevation: 230 m)
  • Path 431 F: Marzolo – Motte (Length: 2,000 km – Positive elevation: 110 m – Negative elevation: 60 m)

The map of the paths can be downloaded from the web site of Rocca san Casciano Municipality and can be collected at the Info Point at Via Cairoli n.49.

The GPS tracks of the paths are also available on the dedicated web site of Emilia Romagna Region at this link

Credits: Author of the text Avv. Elisa Rabiti

By bike from Rocca to Portico to Premilcuore
Rocca San Casciano

By bike from Rocca to Portico to Premilcuore

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