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Let’s go snowshoeing

The most beautiful trails to discover with snowshoes

In Tuscany, winter on the Apennines has always been synonymous with skiing, but that’s not all: true enthusiasts can not miss the unfailing snowshoeing! Venturing into the unique atmosphere of our snow-covered forests is truly a special experience.

But which are the most evocative routes to experience a snowshoe hike at its best? Surely the National Park of Casentino Forests offers numerous tracks that, if in summer can be travelled on foot, in the winter months can be discovered thanks to snowshoes. Like those of La Verna, Camaldoli, Campigna and many other places where history and nature come together in an unmissable show: click here and discover the many events organized by the park, all strictly “snowshoes-style”.

It is also possible, of course, to proceed independently, venturing along many breathtaking trails. Some examples? The beautiful Passo della Calla, from which you can reach the Prati della Burraia, or the panoramic views of Monte Falterona. Also not to be missed is the splendid Balzo delle Rose on the Appennino Pistoiese, which retraces the ancient “Strada Ducale” that connected Modena to Lucca.

The mountains of Tuscany and Romagna are a treasure trove of fabulous scenarios, and snowshoes are a great way to admire them when the snow makes them even more beautiful. The variety of routes allows everyone to enjoy the journey, and there is always something new and fascinating to discover.

What are you waiting for? Wear snowshoes and go adventure!


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