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The tourist comes playing with “Palazzuolando”

Palazzuolando, the tourist
comes playing

A Community cooperative created to enhance a territory at risk of depopulation has hired the
Italian precursor of Gamification, namely Fabio Viola. The result? An app co-funded through a crowdfunding project, which will guide visitors, tourists, families and small curious
to explore the small medieval village of Palazzuolo sul Senio through the game.
A pioneering experience in the panorama of small Italian municipalities.

From 2 July 2022 available for free download

Palazzuolo sul Senio, 25 June 2022 – The Tuscan-Emilian Apennines are full of stories to tell. And among these there is one that sees the protagonist of a cooperative Community, formed in Palazzuolo sul Senio to enhance a territory at risk depopulation, and led by three young women: Giada Pieri project manager dreamer and visionary globetrotter, Valeria Cavini idealist communicator hungry for creativity, Elena Resta digital strategist active in territorial narration and specialized in synergies between territory and enterprise.

They are the curators of Palazzuolando, the App of the tourist who comes playing, a project that saw the involvement of an entire community, through a crowdfunding campaign with over 130 donors and the fundamental support of Regione Toscana and Banca di Credito Cooperativo from Ravenna, Forlì and Imola.

To realize Palazzuolando, the cooperative of Comunità La C.I.A. Cultura Innovazione Ambiente turned to the Italian guru of gamification Fabio Viola and the collective TuoMuseo.

University lecturer and curator of the Royal Palace of Venaria, Viola has worked on hundreds of video games (Fifa, The Sims, Tetris) including Father and Son for the Archaeological of Naples. In recent years he has contributed to the launch of cultural and tourism strategies based on the game with the international collective, which he founded, TuoMuseo.

How does Palazzuolando work?

Palazzuolando will guide tourists, families and curious to discover the medieval village of Palazzuolo through the game.

Following the clues, passing amusing tests, the visitor will discover the history, nature, curiosities and riches of the Tuscan-Romagna Apennines in an immersive and unexpected way. Users will face a quiz challenge, accompanied by the mythical symbols of the territory.

Thanks to this, they will know the history, art, nature and the value of the little things that makes Palazzuolo so special. Players, completing the questions, will be entitled to discount coupons and prizes on the purchase of renowned local products.

The main stages of the game, in total 10 plus an introductory, are located in the historic center of Palazzuolo. To these are added 6 located outside the country that will serve to entice users to visit natural attractions. In the future you can add other “momentary”, on the occasion of special events related to Palazzuolo.

The C.I.A.- Cultura Innovazione Ambiente

The cooperative of Comunità La C.I.A.- Cultura Innovazione Ambiente was born in 2019 as a model of social innovation and resilient economy for the enhancement and development of a territory at risk of depopulation. It all started when a former abandoned newsstand, right in the center of the country, had a second chance and was reinvented in the mini contemporary art gallery now E50035, whose motto is “expect the unexpected”.

Says Giada Pieri, one of the three curators “Then we continued and expanded the dream by developing ideas, projects and concrete realities ranging from new routes and tourist packages, rental of Ebike and short eco-sustainable tours, educational workshops for children and young people and cultural initiatives, collaborations and projects with the realities present in the territory and not only, and currently also the management of the Tourist Office and the Municipal Library”.

Palazzuolando is a project of La CIA – culture innovation environment Cooperative community.

Curators of this project: Giada Pieri, Elena Resta, Valeria Cavini.

Partner for gamification: TUOMUSEO.

Historical contribution: Alberto Toscani and Gianfranco Poli.

Realized with the support of Regione Toscana, LA BCC ravennate, forlivese e imolese, Elena Resta Comunicazione, Meccanica Rc Srl, Mavì Cafè, Bar Gentilini, J Group, Hotel Ristorante Europa, Service 2 Di Poli Francesca, Tabaccheria Giovannini, Crai – Aroma Italiano, partners, partners, people, activities, dreamers, visionaries who have supported this project by putting themselves in play, seriously. And finally the 135 donors who participated in the crowdfunding campaign on the IDEA GINGER platform with enthusiasm and fun in the heart.


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