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The most ancient testimonies of the history of these lands are found in Sarsina, a city of ancient origins, founded by Umbrian populations between the 6th and 4th centuries BC and later conquered by Rome in 266 BC Also in roman times, the city of Mevaniola was also established near Galeata.

In the Middle Ages, a large part of Romagna Toscana was subject to the rule of the Guidi Counts. Tredozio, where the dynasty was born, later became their strong point in the territory. The Guidi domination extended to Marradi and Dovadola, where still today stands their Fortress, which represents the fortification of the Counts best preserved in Romagna.

At the end of the fifteenth century the power over these lands passed under the rule of the Medici and the Republic of Florence: Tredozio became a Florentine bridgehead, as was Marradi. In 1564 Cosimo I De Medici had the citadel of Terra del Sole erected according to the Renaissance urban canons.

The territory of Romagna Toscana remained under the dominion of the Granducato of Tuscany until 1859 and with the Unification of Italy it was annexed to the province of Florence. In 1923 the administrative structure changed when Benito Mussolini aggregated 11 municipalities under the province of Forlì and 3 others under that of Florence.


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