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Ponte della Maestà

The link between the village and the "Castellina"

The date of construction of this bridge remains a mystery, why some documents showing the date of 1328 while other evidence pointing to the middle ages.

The bridge above the river Montone, is made of local stone and consists of a nave. The structure is used to connect the lower part of the village, the trail known as the “Castellina” heading towards Premilcuore. The viaduct underwent a restoration in 1600, but the floor has remained one of its sources and is one of the main attractions of the municipality of Portico di Romagna. At the end of the bridge there is a small chapel where the pilgrims who embark on the journey of St. Francis, are blessed.

Palazzo Portinari
Portico e San Benedetto

Palazzo Portinari

The antique property of Folco Portinari

Brusia bridge
Portico e San Benedetto

Brusia bridge

In the locality of Bocconi, perched on the waterfall


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