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Artisan tradition of Tredozio

In Tredozio is carried out with passion and professionalism of a long tradition of craftsmanship: the village, despite its small size, is indeed a very important Center for the footwear industry.

The designer Rupert Sanderson chose this small town of Romagna for the realization of his luxury collections. These are created within the calzaturificio Facit, who has been collaborating with the well-known London artist, strengthening more and more a partnership that gives great satisfaction. The shoes, produced by artisans of Tredozio who have long experience, are now known to be worn by many internationally renowned stars.

In the Tuscan-Romagnolo village of Tredozio not only luxury shoes are made, but there is also space for a niche sector that produces footwear and boots for riding. The manufacture of the Fratelli Fabbri is a real excellence that goes beyond the confines of the Italian peninsula, to which riders and amazons from all over the world turn. On the occasion of the 2016 Olympic Games, athletes engaged in riding competitions wore tailor-made boots, signed by this renowned craft brand.


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