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Valli Shoes

Handmade Italian Shoes

Close to reaching 40 years of work in the workshop, Giuseppe Valli creates handmade footwear and tailored for leisure and work, classic ceremony shoes for large numbers and small numbers, with high neck and wide plant, with predisposition to the plantar, belts, wallets and accessories for a unique and unmistakable style.

The craftsmanship in the workmanship, the professionalism acquired over time, the dexterity and precision in the smallest details and the selection of fine leathers make our handmade shoes a unique product of the highest quality, appreciated worldwide by a demanding and international clientele.

Address: Address: Piazza Don Giovanni Minzoni, 19, 47015 Modigliana (FC)

Tel. +39 0546 940072 Cell. + 39 3471237644

Opening hours: Opening hours:

Monday 08:30/12:30
Tuesday/Wednesday 08:30/12:30 – 15:00/20:00
Thursday 08:30/12:30 – afternoon by appointment
Friday/Saturday 08:30/12:30 – 16:00/20:00
Sunday 09:30/12:30 – afternoon by appointment

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Restoration of antique furniture

Restoration of antique furniture

Integral parts of a family’s history


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