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Restoration of antique furniture

Integral parts of a family’s history

In Modigliana and in the surrounding area the passion of restoration of antique furniture is carried forward. A piece of furniture accompanies the life of an entire generation and becomes an integral part of a family’s history. The restorer, with his work, must try to keep intact the story that the piece of furniture brings with it.

The first phase of the restoration involves the identification of the style and the era in which the piece of furniture was built, then the craftsman establishes the type of work that must be performed.

Most of the restorations are conservative and only provide for the consolidation of the existing parts of the furniture. In these cases it is not necessary to restore the initial conditions, bringing the object back to the state it was in when it was built. The integrative restoration, on the other hand, is carried out on furniture that has suffered considerable damage due to time or bad preservation, for which a more substantial intervention is required.

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