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Worked by the skilled hands of artisans

In the territory of Romagna Tuscany is still alive a thriving manufacturing fabric based on artistic craftsmanship, which deals with the processing of stone, wood and wrought iron.

That of the blacksmith is a craft that has its roots in ancient times, but that is still practiced with the same techniques of the past. Iron is forged among a thousand sparks of fire and the skilled hands of the artisans bend it into new and ancient forms. It is in the experience of each blacksmith to choose the type of processing to be adopted: sometimes the initial project is put directly into practice, while, for more complex work, it is necessary to rely on the drawings on board, which are then engraved by hand with great scrupulousness.

The small shops of the villages of Portico and Modigliana are handed down from father to son the skilful processing of this thousand-year-old metal, a poor material that is artistically worked and gives beautiful decorative artifacts.


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