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Step by step with Dante – History experience

Through the Romagna Toscana in the footsteps of Dante Alighieri

Guided tours in the footsteps of Dante with Florence, Forlì and Ravenna
Excursion to ancient forests
Charm of ancient villages
Excellent food and wine… and other surprises!

Package 8 days/7 nights

First day

  • Arrival in Florence
  • Overnight

Second day

  • Morning: guided tour of Dante’s Florence, with a route that touches the most famous places mentioned by the Supreme Poet in the Divine Comedy, including the Piazza del Duomo, the Piazza del Duomo and the medieval quarter that encloses the family church and the house-museum of Dante.
  • Lunch in a suggestive restaurant/trattoria in Florence linked to the theme of Dante.
  • Afternoon: free for shopping/walking
  • Overnight in Florence

Third day

  • Departure for San Godenzo, village mentioned several times by Dante in the Divine Comedy and for a short time, the place of political asylum of the poet forced into exile from Florence, fleeing from the soldiers of the Florentine Republic. Guided tour of the beautiful Abbey that recalls the famous conference of June 8, 1302 of the Florentine exiles Ghibellines and the White Guelphs, among whom stood out the name of Dante Alighieri. You can also admire the Cicaleto bridge that the Poet walked during his escape.
  • Lunch in San Godenzo
  • Arrival in Portico di Romagna, immersed in an unparalleled naturalistic context, surrounded by centuries-old forests. Discovery and relaxation in Portico.
  • Dante’s medieval dinner in a restaurant that offers typical Romagna cuisine, with seasonal specialities and top quality local products.
  • Overnight in Portico di Romagna: The 3-star hotel is housed in a beautiful nineteenth-century building, once belonged to one of the oldest families of the place.

Fourth day

  • Morning: Excursion to the Acquacheta. You can walk to the famous waterfall mentioned by Dante in the Divine Comedy. In the middle of the path there is a reading of the verses of Canto XVI of Inferno where the waterfall is mentioned.
  • Picnic during the excursion or lunch in San Benedetto in Alpe.
  • Afternoon: arrival in the village of Marradi, the hospitable homeland of “Marron Buono”, an unspoilt green island proud of its tradition, art and tasty gastronomy.
  • Guided tour of the Dino Campana museum and focus on Dante in the prose of Campana.
  • Walk to Marradi.
  • Guided tour in an elegant historic residence that offers a unique experience to its guests, where hospitality is an art that the family has been carrying on for 500 years.  Tasting of chestnuts.
  • Dinner in a historic residence: traditional taste and homemade flavor.
  • Overnight in a historic residence.

Fifth day

  • Arrival in Dovadola, passing by Modigliana
  • Dovadola: Accompaniment and presentation of the village known for the truffle festival. The ancient structure of Dovadola is admirably intact, marked by the fortification erected by the Guidi Counts around the twelfth century, called the Roccaccia. Possible purchases in the village of local gastronomic products.
  • Afternoon: biscuits workshop in an oven awarded in the Italian guide by Gambero Rosso. Family-run artisan oven, which for 40 years has been churning out high quality natural levitation breads, using organic flour of ancient grains linked to the territory.
  • Arrival at Castrocaro Terme and Terra del Sole, which stands on the hills of the Tuscan-Romagna Apennines, known to the general public for its spa and two unique jewels: the medieval village of great effect and the Renaissance wonder of Terra del Sole.
  • Overnight in Castrocaro.

Seventh day

  • Entrance to the exhibition Dante, the vision of art in Forlì. As part of the national celebrations of the seven hundred years since the death of Dante Alighieri, the exhibition will be held in the San Domenico Museums, with numerous works of art loaned by museums around the world. A fantastic moment of overall reflection on the figure of the poet, symbol of Italy, and on his immense legacy, between the language of art and literary figure.
  • Lunch in Castrocaro
  • Free afternoon. Discovery of Castrocaro and guided tour of Terra del Sole.
  • Literary aperitif out of the ordinary, where an expert will tell a passage of the Divine Comedy, accompanied by the delicate notes of a harpist.
  • Dinner in a tavern in Terra del Sole.
  • Overnight in Castrocaro.

Eighth day

  • Departure and guided tour of Ravenna to retrace the events of the Supreme Poet and new paths on the occasion of the opening of the celebrations of the 700/ or anniversary of Dante’s death.

Passo a passo con Dante - History experience


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