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Marron Glaces


A land of chestnuts and chestnuts, which is the Tuscan Romagna, must include among its sweets the Marron Glaces.

The term comes from the icy look that chestnuts are buying after they are wrapped in a soft patina of sugar. Of this cake still do not know for sure the roots: some tend to lean toward the French origins, others for those in Italy, since the 16th century this fruit slushy is disputed between the cousins across the Alps and the Piedmont.

The Italian faction gives a Chef of the Duke of Savoy, Charles Emmanuel, The authorship of this delicacy. The French instead appoint François Pierre La Varenne, seventeenth-century movement of Nouvelle Cuisine, as creator of the marron glacé, which put the recipe in his famous book “Le Confiturier parfait”. It is certain though that is in France, which in the 800, was born the first “industrial” production workshop of candied chestnuts, which made it possible to perpetuate the tradition of Marron Glaces in centuries, without losing the characteristics.


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