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Craft Beer


Toscana Romagna is one of the scenarios of a phenomenon that is taking hold in our Peninsula: the production of craft beer. Since 1996 a real and proper Italian brewer craft movement has developed, characterized by stubbornness and passion.

To produce beer in a traditional way it is necessary to have a small plant and perform all the phases of the production process with the utmost care and accuracy. The quality of raw materials is essential and is accompanied by a continuous search for improvement. This dedication brings excellent results that are confirmed by the continuous increase in consumption of this drink, increasingly loved by the general public.

Craft beer is prepared unpasteurized, without the addition of additives or preservatives.
The production process involves several phases: normally it starts with the grinding of the malt, which is then cooked according to the recipe. The compound is then moved to another vat, where it is filtered.

The next step takes place inside the boiling vat, where various hops and aromas are added. After other intermediate steps, we finally arrive at the fermenter where the yeasts are joined. After a couple of weeks, the beer is ready to be packaged, and after another period of re-fermentation in the stalk, the drink is ready to reach such estimators.


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