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“August histories” storytelling encounters

«August histories»: meetings with the narration in Bocconi, Portico di Romagna and Predappio on 12, 14 and 20 August 2021

«Storie d’agosto» a series of encounters with storytelling organized by the Italian Storytelling Centre of Portico di Romagna.

On 12, 14 and 20 August 2021, the Centro Italiano Storytelling organizes a series of meetings dedicated to “oral narration” and “narrative environments”.


  • On August 12 in Bocconi (FC) will be held the storytelling circle “Magical waters”. Villagers and guests, from the inside of the house to the outside of the village, carrying their chair in a ravine of the village in search of cool, started the narrative circle on the theme of water, can share a story.
  • On August 14 in the center of Portico di Romagna, in the early evening, a playful and unlikely clash between stories and proverbs. They will leave to “feed” those present the stories of the members of the Center, and then leave room for the experiences and voices of tourists, travelers, walkers.
  • On August 20, at the Agriturismo gli Ulivi di Predappio, “And the stars are listening”, an impertinent Apericena with stories among the people.

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