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The winter magic of Acquacheta Waterfalls

An unmissable show in the heart of Casentino Forests

Among the innumerable natural wonders that Tuscany Romagna holds, Acquacheta deserves a special mention; the torrent flows from the mountains around Florence and arrives in Emilia Romagna. This waterway is famous for the splendid waterfalls that are formed just before it flows into the Montone river: a dizzying jump of 90 meters down a sandstone cliff, over which the water shatters in a thousand glistening rivulets. 

Dante Alighieri himself was struck by this fascinating spectacle, so much so that he dedicated four of his Divine Comedy to it.

In summer and spring, the area is a popular destination for tourists and hikers. But not everyone knows that in winter the Acquacheta waterfalls create a truly unmissable enchanted show. In fact, walking along the path is very simple even when the snow whitens the trees and mountains, and the muffled silence is broken only by the distant lapping that increases as you approach the cliff: here, in front of the eyes of the lucky traveller, there is a high tongue of water and ice, a mane of shining waves. As if time had suddenly stopped, and the waterfall with it. 

And if in summer a dip in the stream is a relief for the oppressive heat, in winter the frozen waterfalls are a breathtaking view that gives the impression of having entered a magical, pure world, isolated from the rest of the world. If you love nature and walks in the fresh air, you can not miss this extraordinary experience. Seeing is believing!

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Tagliatelle with strigoli


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