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From the Wood and the Stone

Back to Firenzuola the annual event

From the Wood and the Stone

Music, culture, crafts, art and local specialties, but also games, shows,
entertainment and much more.

On 16 and 23 October Firenzuola opens its doors for the twenty-seventh edition of
“Dal bosco e dalla pietra”, historical event organized by the Pro Loco for
celebrate the products that best characterize the country and its territory.

The main theme of the 2022 edition is “The secret garden”, developed starting from the layout of the square, which celebrates the garden as a place of nature and life, alien to the rhythms and logics of contemporary life.

The exhibition, designed by Serena Marchi and realized thanks to the collaboration of Copser, Dr Forestale Paesaggista Valeria Santoro and the nursery company Giorgio Tesi Group, has the shape of a leaf, natural element only apparently simple, but home to the most sophisticated and useful technology for life: chlorophyll photosynthesis.

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