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The oldest figure that needs their birth to these lands is Plautus, the great Latin playwright, a native of Sarsina.

In more recent times, Modigliana played a significant role during the national Risorgimento: here lived Don Giovanni Verità, a “revolutionary” priest, friend and savior of Giuseppe Garibaldi. The priest’s house museum still contains ample documentation of his patriotic commitment and affectionate friendship with the leader.

In Marradi the poet Dino Campana saw the light, and he made a pilgrimage on foot in 1910; experience then reported in his travel diary entitled “La Verna”.

Modigliana is known for being home to famous artists, among which the master of the stain Silvestro Lega stands out. In the town, bronze panels placed along the streets, indicate the places related to the life of the Macchiaiolo painter and the scenarios that he painted in his splendid canvases.

Among the religious, whose lives have intertwined with these lands, there are San Romualdo who, driven from Verghereto, fled beyond the Apennine ridge, and then founded the Holy Hermitage of Camaldoli; Saint’Antonio da Padova, who stopped in meditation for fifteen months at Dovadola, where today stands the Sanctuary of Montepaolo; San Pier Damiani, protected by the Counts Guidi, and Benedetta Bianchi Porro, originally from Dovadola, who was declared venerable and for which the beatification process is under way.

Photo Credits: Di Silvestro Lega – The Yorck Project (2002) Public-domain


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