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Cycling in the Romagna Tuscany

Bike paths in Romagna Tuscany

According to data from the Observatory Bikeconomy “The production and sale of bicycles and accessories in Europe has a turnover that exceeds 20 billion euros per year, while the cycle tourism sector moves every year over 50 billion euros.”

What is the Bikeconomy? It is the economy that revolves around the bicycle world, where the bicycle moves a turnover that, in Italy, reaches 8 million euros per year.

The boom of cycling tourism, in the post-pandemic period, is therefore an opportunity to relaunch tourism of inland areas and small villages through an offer that respects the environment and the health of citizens.

“Two wheels to shake the laziness of those who, resuming cycling, will help his health, the climate, the environment.” (cit. Bikeconomy: New Edition, Agea)


The first stretch of the Ciclovia della Romagna Toscana stretches for 126 km from Castrocaro Terme and Terra del Sole to Bagno di Romagna, crossing paved roads, driveways and dirt paths. It runs through villages rich in history, culture and natural beauty, surrounded by beautiful landscapes such as the Parco delle Foreste Casentinesi and the Ridracoli Dam. The second stretch connects Bagno di Romagna to Verghereto and Castrocaro Terra del Sole to Modigliana until reaching the Tuscan towns of Palazzuolo sul Senio, Marradi and Firenzuola.


Cycling test of 4 stages on the Apennine roads between Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna Four stages in four days, in a "prestige" event along the most fascinating secondary roads of the Tuscan-ApenninesRomagna: the Palazzuolo Challenge invites you to discover them by experiencing an adventure of pure cycling. The almost 360 km of the challenge winds through the changing landscapes of Mugello, Casentino and the valleys of Senio and Santerno. Insidious climbs take turns with adrenaline descents, in a mix designed to put a strain on your physical and mental limits. Because pure strength is not enough, it takes concentration, determination and courage. And it is not for everyone, only an exclusive group of 60 cyclists will have the opportunity to participate. Do you accept the challenge?

Savio Valley Bike Hub

Verghereto, Sarsina and Bagno di Romagna three municipalities of the historic Romagna Toscana are part of the Savio Valley Bike Hub, a project promoted by the Union of Municipalities of the Savio Valley within the project I Percorsi del Savio, which includes 17 cycling routes with varying levels of difficulty and a permanent loop route of 173 km “Grand Tour Valle del Savio” that goes from Cesena up to Verghereto, for 3,332 meters in altitude.


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