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Cammino di San Francesco

Connects the main locations where we find evidence of the passage of the Saint
The main objective of the Cammino di San Francesco is to connect the main places in which the passage of the friar of Assisi is witnessed.
Valmarecchia has always been a land of border and communication between Central Italy, Rimini and Romagna, so it is not surprising that San Francesco has traveled there several times.
The route from Rimini to La Verna consists of 5 stages for a total of 112 km that wind through Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany, which then passes through Umbria and Lazio to Rome. The difficulty level is low and even the Apennine stages, in the presence of favorable weather conditions, do not present particular technical difficulties.
Cammino di San Francesco winds along the Marecchia river and is completely marked with the Franciscan symbol of the yellow Tau which integrates the red-white CAI signs.
The five stages in detail:
  • 1st stage: Rimini – Villa Verucchio 22 km
  • 2nd stage: Villa Verucchio – San Leo 23 km
  • 3rd stage: San Leo – Sant’Agata Feltria 21 km
  • 4th stage: Sant’Agata Feltria – Balze 22 km
  • 5th stage: Balze – La Verna 25 km
The streets of Dante

The streets of Dante

In the footsteps of Dante in Romagna Toscana

Casentinesi Forest

Casentinesi Forest

With endless hiking possibilities

Cammino di Dante

Cammino di Dante

The route was a source of inspiration for the Divine Comedy


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