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The path of Assisi

In the footsteps of St Francis and St Anthony of Padua

The path of Assisi tap numerous municipalities and three regions: it starts from Emilia Romagna with countries of Dovadola, Rocca San Casciano, Porch, Premilcuore, Santa Sofia. Along the Ridge immersed in the Park of the Casentino, we then move on to Tuscany where they touch the villages of Badia Prataglia, Caprese Michelangelo, Chiusi della Verna, Pieve Santo Stefano, Sansepolcro. Finally, you enter Umbria Città di Castello, Pietralunga, Gubbio and Valfabbrica to arrive, finally, in Nocera Umbra and tread the same path that faced St. Francis for his last return to Assisi.

The path is based on some compelling points which the figure of Saint Francis, Saint Anthony of Padua and all those characters who went to spiritualize and build points essential to the Christian faith. These posts are fairly well known, are: Assisi, La Verna (the Holy Mount of the stigmata), Gubbio, Montecasale, the Hermitage of Cerbaiolo, eremo Monte Paolo (first home of Antonio in Italy), the Hermitage of Casella and the Benedictine Hermitage of Camaldoli.

The trails that are part of the journey were chosen to offer a path composed almost exclusively by those who were the ancient communication routes. In the choice of stages along the route has been decisive in the environmental and cultural enjoyment. Also, for about a 80%, the journey can be addressed even in bicycle.


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