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Autumn Queen

The chestnut is, as everyone knows, the Queen of the autumn season. In the area of Tuscan Romagna this time of year is devoted entirely to this fruit, once known as the bread of the poor, since it was the Foundation of the power supply for the local population.

The cultivation of chestnut groves in this area can be traced back to the Roman era and, until the 50s, it represented an indispensable source of income for the territory, so much so that the chestnut tree was called l’albero del pane (bread tree).
After this lucky period the situation has changed considerably: the dramatic depopulation, which involved mountain areas, has led to a sharp decline in the production of this fruit. For about thirty years, however, there has been a good recovery in the sector, thanks to the great commitment of local communities.
Notes are the Sagra del marrone that animate these areas, as well as the events dedicated to the fruits of the undergrowth that take place in Palazzuolo Sul Senio and in Marradi. During these events it is possible to discover the most typical flavors of the area and taste real delicacies. Do not miss the tortelli of chestnuts, the chestnut pie, the marron glacés, the roasted chestnuts, the burnt ones, and the marroni jam.

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