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Cocomerina pear

Briaca Pear or Cocomera Pear

The Cocomerina Pear, also called Briaca Pear or Cocomera Pear, has a very small size.

This small fruit is still preserved and cultivated in Ville di Montecoronaro, a small town in the Municipality of Verghereto, located at the foot of Monte Fumaiolo. The Cocomerina Pear owes its name to the pulp, with its atypical watermelon red color.

In the Fifties developed an intense cultivation of this variety of pears, based on specialized fruit trees, which supplanted the oldest qualities. Fortunately, in some areas of the Appenines, the cultivation of the Cocomerina Pear has been saved and you can taste its sweetness and its perfume still today.

The Cocomerina Pear produced in the Municipality of Verghereto has even become a Slow Food Presidium. The fruit have been credited with all the characteristics necessary to become part of the “Arca del Gusto (Ark of Taste). which main goal is to recover products at risk of extinction.

The Cocomerina Pear, which is difficult to put on the market, is perfect to be transformed into jams, thanks to its aromatic taste and the easy perishability.


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