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The border between Tuscany and Romagna is a place of great production of the truffle. In the mountain area of Mugello the qualities that can be found are the precious white truffle, the precious black, the Scorzone, the Uncinato and the Marzuolo.

The white truffles are located near the banks of the rivers, since along the watercourses a favorable climatic environment develops for this variety and an excellent balance is established between soil, plants and climate.

The precious white truffle has a smooth outer layer, a light yellow color and a pulp that varies from brown to nut. The dimensions may vary, but they do not normally exceed those of a large orange. The smell is notoriously characteristic and can be compared to methane, garlic or fermented cheese.

The Tuber Magnatum (the white truffle) is the most precious from the gastronomic point of view and has a significant economic value; compared to the black truffle it grows only in nature, a condition that makes it particularly rare and valuable.The festivals scattered throughout the territory are many: the one that animates Dovadola on the third and fourth Sunday of October is renowned. On this occasion it is possible to let yourself be captured by the traditional dishes made with the precious truffle.


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