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A rose for Anita in Rocca San Casciano

A rose for Anita in Rocca San Casciano

Saturday, June 25 at 16:30 at the Public Park “Carlo Alberto Cappelli” celebrates the accession of the Municipality of Rocca San Casciano to the international project “Anita Fidelis” with the planting of a rose dedicated to the heroine of the two worlds.

Project sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, the Emilia-Romagna Region and the Brazilian State of Santa Caterina, which has joined many Italian and Brazilian municipalities and the Meucci-Garibaldi Museum in New York, which will allow its dissemination in the USA.

Enhancing, through the figure of Anita Garibaldi, the Woman and femininity in all its forms, declinations and expressions, as well as gender equality, celebrating the memory of every charismatic, virtuous and enterprising woman of the Homeland.

Among the other aims of the project is to promote among the population a reflection on the issues of solidarity between peoples, the fight against inequalities, the fight against violence against women, but also with regard to the new technological perspectives of globalization regarding the digital and ecological transition.

Among the guests Alessandro Buscaglione Garibaldi, direct descendant of Menotti Garibaldi (the eldest son of Giuseppe and Anita)Professor Catia Pantoli, daughter of the hybridizer of the rose Giulio Pantoli who authorized and made available the vegetative material of her famous father and Andrea Antonioli, president of the Centro Studi Olim Flaminia. There will also be representatives of theU.N.U.C.I., the Cavalry, the Air Force and A.N.V.R.G.


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