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The artistic ceramics of Forlì

The ceramics of Forlì

Perhaps only a few know it, but the province of Forlì already in the Middle Ages was known for its artistic ceramics. At that time throughout the Romagna you could find shops and workshops in which, skilled ceramists who with their hands created finely worked majolica.

Over the years, the artisans have developed a unique decorative style, which over time has become distinctive of the local ceramics and an example of traditional art.
The artistic ceramics of Forlì, are so particular and valuable, that they deserved to be hosted in some of the most famous museums in the world, such as the Louvre in Paris, or the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.
Even in Forlì there is a museum entirely dedicated to this art, where it is possible to find an extraordinary collection of artifacts for the most part dated ‘400, when the city’s production beat, for fame and prestige, that of Faenza, which became famous only from the following century.

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