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The Forest of Wellness

The Forest of Wellness
Terme di Bagno di Romagna

In Bagno di Romagna a new walking itinerary is born. The Bosco del Benessere, very close to the center, is a loop path in nine stages to regenerate the mind, surrounded by the scent of pine resin and the rhythm of the forest.

We walk through the (1) Embrace Clearing that leads to (2) Harmony Creek. We go up the (3) Slope of the young plants to reach the (4) Avenue of awareness and meet him (5) Spirit of the Fir. A stop in the (6) Stain of meditation toward the (7) Laver of tranquility to reach the (8) Path of inner peace and then the (9) Path of infinity.

The project carried out by the Association Esploramontagne together with Tre Terme, the company composed of the spas of Bagno di Romagna (Ròseo Eurorerme and Thermae Sant’Agnese), completes the thermal offer with a real «Forest Bath».

Open all year, you can enjoy spa packages plus excursion.

The guided tour is organized once a week but it is possible to book a guided excursion for groups by contacting the Association of guides of the National Park of the Casentino Forests, Esploramontagne + 39 339 779 4029.


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