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Winter Thermal Pools

The “warm” tradition of Bagno di Romagna

It is an unmissable appointment for tourists and locals: when the hills and trees are covered with snow, nothing is more welcoming than the hot steam column that rises from the outdoor thermal baths in Bagno di Romagna.

It is undoubtedly an ancient tradition that of the thermal baths of the picturesque village, and dates back to the period of the Roman Empire; already at that time, the tanks were very popular, main destination for those who wanted to enjoy a day of total relaxation. Today, after centuries, the custom has remained intact, and there are two large pools waiting for you, a smaller one indoor from which you can flow to the other, larger, outside.

The spa complex of Bagno di Romagna is called Euroterme and includes four hotels to choose, in order to plan a stay not only for relaxation, but also for wellness: there is no need to say, in fact, how many are the benefits of the spa on the body, from cleansing the skin to toning muscles and the heart.

To fully enjoy a visit to the thermal pools of Bagno di Romagna, we advise you to choose a moment when the snow has whitened the landscape and it is even better to enjoy the unusual experience of being outdoors, perhaps sipping a glass of prosecco, completely enveloped by heat and steam.

Because every now and then it’s right to make ourselves a small gift!


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