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Art, culture and history

Bagno di Romagna |

Historic buildings

Palazzo del capitano

Location of the historical archive and municipal library

The facade of this building, dotted with numerous coats of arms of the Captains and Vicars, is the symbol of the long domination of Florence over this area of Romagna. The palace, in the Middle Ages, was the residence of the Counts Guidi di Bagno and when it took over the Florentine government adapted it according to new requirements. To place the various coats of arms of the Capitani served to make explicit the dominion of Florence on Bagno di Romagna.

Subsequently, the building became the seat of the municipality, then barracks of the Regi Carabinieri and prison, situations that transformed the appearance of the Palace from time to time. After a complete abandonment at the beginning of the twentieth century, the municipal administration intervened and, after having carried out restoration and maintenance works, prepared the spaces of the Palace for various uses.

On the first floor there are rooms designed to host exhibitions and conferences. The rest of the building, however, houses the public library, the municipal historical archive, the tourist information office (IAT) and the visitor center of the "Parco Nazionale delle Foreste Casentinesi, Monte Falterona and Campigna".?