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Cattedrale Basilica of Santa Maria Annunziata

Inside the shrine of San Vicino
Basilica con Cattedrale di Santa Maria Annunziata  dates back to the Byzantine era, but the many interventions it has undergone over the centuries have turned it into one of the most interesting examples of Romanesque style in Romagna.
The Basilica has a remarkable amount that immediately strikes the visitor. The lunette, located above the entrance, houses a modern mosaic showing S. Vicinio with the famous “chain”. The Chapel dedicated to the Saint is located at the end of the right aisle, and was built in 1755 by the bishop Calbetti. Here are preserved the relics of the Saint and the known chain-collar. The collar that belonged to San Vicinio is offered to the faithful who are increasingly numerous in Sarsina to ask the saint for comfort. There are numerous votive paintings that can be seen along the walls: they represent the miracles performed by San Vicinio and are made by the Valbonesi painter between 1755 and 1760.
The rest of the Basilica denotes a solemn and austere style: the plan is a Latin cross, the central nave is decidedly wider than the side aisles and each nave is crossed by 12 columns.
Abbazia di San Salvatore in Summano

Abbazia di San Salvatore in Summano

An original church of 1041


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