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Wild boar

Meat with a strong taste

The wild boar is a wild pig, very robust and with an aggressive temperament. Its mantle is often composed of hard bristles and burrs. The color can vary from dark gray to brown: in the first months of life it is characterized by brown streaks on a cream background, to allow puppies to blend in better with the vegetation. The life of this animal is normally 10 years.

The boar is widespread in Italy and the territory of Romagna-Tuscany is an ideal refuge for this imposing animal which populates the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines massively.
The meat of this animal is very appreciated because it is tasty, lean and rich in protein. Its dark color is also singular, which makes it classify as black meat, and its taste that unites in itself the typical taste of the pig, with that of the game. Given its characteristic fibrous consistency it is particularly suitable for stewed and stewed cooking and to enrich sauces. It is always advisable to fully fry this type of meat, so that it can soften. Another precaution is the marinade which is essential to moderate its distinctive flavor.
In Romagna-Tuscany there are several festivals that honor this delicious game: the Sagra del cinghiale of Premilcuore is among the best known and, thanks to the numerous food stands, offers the opportunity to taste the typical cuisine completely based on wild boar meat.
Waterfall and Grotta Urlante

Waterfall and Grotta Urlante

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Parco delle Foreste Casentinesi

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