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Zoc e Nadel, a traditional party around the fire

Zoc e nadel is a traditional festival that takes place every year in the historic center of Modigliana, and resumes the ancient custom of lighting a large stock in the main square of the village that burns from Christmas Eve to Epiphany.

The original ritual dates back to 274, when the emperor Lucio Domizio Aureliano decided that the sun would be celebrated on December 25th. To symbolize its vital warmth also during the night, in all the houses from that moment on, a wood of wood, the famous Ceppo di Natale, lit up every night during the Christmas period.

Nowadays, the event kicks off on Christmas Eve, when a large fire is lit in the main square of Modigliana, and the day of the Epiphany ends. During these 12 days, the flames will be constantly fed, so as not to extinguish the stake.

During the event (which runs from 24 to 6 January), every evening in the central square there is the opportunity to taste traditional dishes and take advantage of the festive period to spend an evening in joy with the most expensive people.




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