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Museum Mambrini

Located near the archaeological site of Mevaniola

The Museo Mambrini is located near the archaeological area of Mevaniola and is located in the convento dei Padri Minori di Pianetto. The finds inside, from various eras, testify to the ancient history of Galeata: the Umbrian-Roman city of Mevaniola, the villa of Teodorico, the Abbazia di S. Ellero and the castle of Pianetto are proof of this important past.

The museum is divided into the archaeological and historical-artistic section.
The archaeological section consists of the collection of Monsignor Domenico Mambrini, from pre-protostoric findings and the remains of the Roman city of Mevaniola. Here the funeral stela of Rubria Tertulla stands out and the mosaic inscription of Caesius. It continues with the sector dedicated to late antiquity and the Middle Ages, in which there is a remarkable painting depicting the legendary meeting between Sant’Ellero and the king of the Ostrogoths Teoderico. The itinerary ends with the historical-artistic section, where the noble stone coat of arms attributed to Desiderio da Settignano and frescoes from the Pantano church are kept.
Palazzo del Podestà and old town

Palazzo del Podestà and old town

The world around via Ferdinando Zanetti

Castello di Pianetto

Castello di Pianetto

Built to defend the Abbey of Sant'Ellero


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